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Product description

Model description and use

TKS FeedHopper is designed to tear/distribute all types of forage, square bales, silage forage in blocks or finely cut. TKS FeedHopper Junior is ideal as a filling source for all types of feed wagon, such as the TKS K2 FeedRobot and the TKS APF Appetite Feeding Wagon. The TKS FeedHopper Junior is solidly constructed and withstands splitting of round bales and silo blocks, although the capacity is increased when round bales are divided or split on loading. The TKS FeedHopper Junior can be used to mix different types of forage in the feed wagon, and can be delivered with capacities of 5 m3 and 11 m3.

The loading can be carried out from the end or the side.  TKS FeedHopper Junior is a simple and flexible solution for anyone bringing forage in to the cowshed from several farms, some of which have round bales, others tower silos or silage pits. All types of forage can be loading into the TKS FeedHopper Junior.

The shredder angle is used when you want to fill a feed wagon directly, such as TKS K2 FeedRobot.  This ensures the loading is carried out in the best way possible.

If you want to change harvest line or storage method later, e.g. from round bales to silage forage, this will not affect the forage line in the cowshed, as both the TKS FeedHopper Junior and TKS K2 FeedRobot deal with all types of forage from long or short to wet or dry.

TKS FeedHopper Junior is equipped with central lubrication where all grease nipples are positioned for easier servicing. The size of the TKS FeedHopper Junior required, is dependent on the daily consumption of forage, and whether you only want to refill the table once a day. The storage capacity of the TKS FeedHopper Junior is dependent on the type and consistency of the forage, and will be considerably larger when using fine cut forage compared to round bales


Electrical controls

The electric controls also include equipment for easy communication with the feed wagon. An end switch fitted to the rail is activated from the wagons and starts the Tks FeedHopper Junior. A level guard is mounted about the feed wagons, which stops the filling when the wagon is full. TKS can also deliver wireless radio control between TKS K2 FeedRobot and Tks FeedHopper Junior.

See the benefits with TKS FeedHopper Junior

  • Tears and distributes most types of forage – long or short, wet or dry
  • Horizontal extension on top of the elevator
  • Place different layers of forage in the TKS FeedHopper Junior to get a mix
  • Loading form the side or the end
  • Large storage capacity, 5 / 11m3
  • Frequency converter - regulation of the elevator speed (5 og 11m3)
  • Central lubrication
  • Electrical controls for 1 or 10 TKS FeedHopper Junior units
  • Solid design



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