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Product description

Model description and use

The TKS K2 EasyFeed is designed and manufactured for automatic feeding of different types of feed such as round bales, silage, blocks, cut and mixed feed – from wet to dry, long to short material. It also handles frozen silage. The consitency and the properties of the feed will affect the functionality of the machine, and hence it is important that the user try out what is best suited for his or her farm. 

The TKS K2 EasyFeed is a complete system for the modern large livestocks having an extensive consumption of feedstuff. The K2 EasyFeed will automatically provide your livestock with fresh feed as it is progarmmed to go from the feed kitchen to the feed table. K2 EasyFeed is available in several models, the most common of which is K2 1600, which is designed to handle round bales directly; it is available in short and long, with and without side doors. It is also available as K2 1200, which is the narrow version that can be used where the bunk feeder is narrow or you do not need to handle the bales directly.

K2 EasyFeed is a very affordable option with regard to automatic feeding: you only need K2 EasyFeed with optional ceiling rail operation and control to give you the simplest automatic feeding system on the market today.

The cart can be fitted with a variety of additional equipment to improve its performance, such as rear door, brush, side doors, cross conveyor etc.


K2 EasyFeed is very easy to use. You start by dividing the barn into the desired number of feeding groups, then set how many times K2 EasyFeed should go backwards and forwards over the group, and finally set how many start times you want for each group; then K2 EasyFeed handles the rest. There are two ways of determining the amount of feed for each group: either by adjusting the speed of the traversing carriage or programming how many times the machine should go backwards and forwards over the group. This is a safe and simple way of ensuring that there is always feed in front of the animals when they are hungry. You can also choose to feed some groups manually; you take control and select the groups that you want to feed, after which K2 EasyFeed starts and feeds the selected groups. The actual display is hand-held and can also be used to run K2 EasyFeed manually in cases where this may be desirable.
Automatic feed dispensing has many benefits, both for yourself and the animals. Primarily because your animals will achieve a maximum yield, whether in milk or meat, and also because you will save a lot of time, perhaps up to an hour per day. Your will also see that the environment in the barn is very calm with little stress among the animals.


  • Feeding on weights
  • 1 or 2 types of concentrate
  • Feeding on consentrate up to 400 points
  • Knife attachment without use of screws
  • 62 double bladed knifes
  • 7.5 kW motor on knife drum
  • Centralised lubrication system
  • Powerful carriers on the lower belt with stainless steel chain
  • Fixed frames or side doors
  • Resistance sensor controls feed towards the drum
  • Solid bearings and operation
  • K2 EasyFeed 1600 copes well with round bales from new presses with wide chambers (internal width 135 cm)
  • Service-friendly
  • Durable and reliable

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