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Floating farm in Amsterdam

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TKS Agri has together with our importer in Netherland, planned and delivered a fully automatic feedingsystem for dairy-cows on the worlds first Floating Farm.

This revolutionary installation is located in the harbour of Rotterdam. The farm is open for the public, and the idea is that people can get a close look at how a modern farm works and how the food we eat is produced. Here you can see advanced milk production, the making of cheese and other products. The farm itself is also a full-scale test-facility for using renewable energy sources, collecting rainwater, advanced waste-handling and more. Most of the material the cows are fed with is supplied form various sources in the city, which otherwise would be treated as waste.

TKS Agri has produced and supplied 2 FeedBelts, which will supply the cows with food. A K2 CombiCutter is supplying these FeedBelts with processed material. The whole system works automatically. The farmer only needs to fill the storage.

The Floating Farm consept has a plan to start up similar projects in other cities.

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